About Us

     Metrosound® is a long time regional sound provider and audio installation specialist for nightclubs, dance halls and performance spaces, mostly working in the New York City area since 1980, but known to branch out and distant markets as well as explore adjacent disciplines. At this point systems integration becomes a second nature, well acquired skill from all the practical real world experience of thinking from different artisan perspectives.
We have been called the ‘go to solution’ for truly immersive sound, with clarity, truth and sweetness of tone for the most critical and demanding audio applications. There is nothing like working with professionals who have years of experience working with celebrity clients. We know what works and how to get it flown the fastest. From state of the art dance floor surround sound to outdoor concerts, we have the solutions.

     We are a: Full service events production resources group, artisan grade, specializing in audio for hire, special events, live concert engineering, dance club design, venue installation, etc.

     Consider Metrosound® for your next concert hall, club or tent. Sound design and Technical Direction for night life is another specialty we excel at.